picture of a small lake and summer hardwood treeline
Mt. Riga Lake (the southern one) as it appeared in August of 2020

As i prepare to flesh out the initial content for this website, it occurs to me that i may want to be “careful” about exactly how i frame things. Presumably at some point i’ll share more details about the journey of my life which has brought me to this point in time. But for now, i’ll just share that there is significant tension between projecting the image of how i wish to appear to others, and really attempting to be completely honest and open about all of my flaws as well as my strengths. Of course with regard to the latter, it’s still all about perception (even if it’s internal, with regard to what i perceive my own flaws and strengths are), and there’s zero doubt in my mind that my self-perception will continue to evolve (perhaps even eventually “softening” with regard to the “binary” of flaws<–>strengths and/or a more nuanced, less ‘evaluative’ stance about who i am, and what attributes i have).

But to try to loop back to how this all plays into what i post here on this website (as i ’emerge’ into my future persona), i want to try to really avoid projecting some sort of “false” view of who i am, what i want, and how i view the world.

Should you perceive that i have done that, i’d very much appreciate you reaching out to me in order to alert me to where you spotted such a transgression. My email is on the about page.

lots of small beach stones
A rocky beach on the north fork of Long Island (NY state, USA)